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Hiroyuki Kimura - Sumo Room - Park Hotel Tokyo
The Park Hotel Tokyo started from winter 2012 turning a guest room into an artist's room.

The artist Hiroyuki Kimura takes the national sport of sumo, which is one of his main topics, as a motif with careful attention to detail and humor.
There's always a feeling of tension in doing a "one-shot" painting directly on the walls of a hotel guestroom, but from this a new and valuable experience to emerge is expected.

Creative concept from Hiroyuki Kimura:

Sumo is a Japanese national sport, but it's more than just a sport - it has a very special significance for all Japanese. For example, the ceremonnial leg raising and stomping of sumo is believed to crush evil spirits in the ground so that the earth becomes fruitful.
Leg raising and stomping on the ground has the significance of growing crops and settling down.
There is also a custom where a Japanese wrestler holds a baby to pray for its healthy development. This ceremony, where the baby is held by a wrestler who symbolizes health and prosperity, aims to ensure the fruitfulness of children and grandchildren.

As all the actions and customs of sumo have a meaning, sumo can be regarded not only as a competitive sport, but also as a ceremony to pray for human development. Sumo embodies the wisdom which ancient Japanese people needed to sustain themselves in health under harsh natural conditions.

That's why they played sumo, purifying the precious Earth with water and salt, and compacting the ground, so that they could live in good health forever.

Sumo is the Japanese way of saying thank you to nature and wishing for human prosperity.

I create those artworks by scetching daily exercises, practising sumo myself, and feeling everything about sumo in my own body. i want to express these fervent emotions found in sumo, the crystallization of Japanese culture, in paintings and terracotta.

I hope that you too will be able to feel the brilliance of the wrestlers in the ring.

Hiroyuki Kimura